Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Running Start on Pull

As the Olympics has demonstrated, there's fast, and then there's F...A...S...T. The 100 meter sprint was completed in 9.63 seconds, while the 4x100 meter relay was 36.84. The 100 meter time was a world record, so how did the relay racers collectively run faster than the world record time (with an average 9.21 split)? 

...Three (3)...running...starts. After the initial start, the running start - during the baton hand off - benefited runner momentum.

For an advantage playing Ultimate, the defense can employ a running start at the pull. Get a running start instead of standing on the line and starting to run from an on-your-mark standstill stance. Milliseconds may be all the difference for a D'd disc.

UltiPhotos: Nexgen vs. Truck Stop  Nexgen vs. Truck Stop Exhibition
NexGen on the run at the pull. [UltiPhotos.com]
From the 11th Edition [USAU Rules]:
VIII. Starting and Restarting Play
B. Pull...
4. Positioning before the pull:
a. After signaling readiness, players on the pulling team may move anywhere in their end zone, but their feet may not cross the vertical plane of the goal line until the disc is released.
b. After signaling readiness, players on the receiving team must be in contact with the goal line that they are defending without changing location relative to one another.
Furious George gets a running start. [ECC 2012]
[s/o Rachel for tracking Track & Field]

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