Friday, August 24, 2012

Ultimate Intimidation Styles

What style elements would be the MOST and LEAST intimidating when judging an Ultimate player? The devilishly handsome @UltiProblems consulted to help solve this vexing query.

Consider this an Ultimate version of "What Not to Wear"...

Most Intimidating Styles for Ultimate Players (in order):
1st. National team jersey
2. International team jersey
3. Matching sublimated numbered shorts AND jersey with player's real name
4. Gloves (non-winter)
5. Sublimated numbered jersey with player's nickname
6. Numbered shorts
7. Brightly-colored cleats
8. Sublimated jersey
9. Baseball hat worn backwards
10. Wrist band worn on the forearm
11. Skirt (Women)
12. Tall/knee-high sox
13. Visor
14. Wrist band(s)
15. Ankle brace
16. Knee Brace
17. High-top cleats
18. Skirt (Men)
19. Knee Braces [yes, multiple]
20. Jeans
21. Sneakers/tennis shoes

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Anonymous said...

A few of these are quite wrong. Sublimated jersey with nickname means you're a rich chump. Actually any jersey with a name on the back means you're a chump.

Sludge said...

The chart is certainly open for debate. Jeans *might* be the most expen$ive item on the list, yet is placed as one of the least intimidating. Sublimation makes jersey printing quite reasonable!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeans being low-intimidation, but a team-mate of mine often wears them because his are 'warmer than shorts and provide just as much mobility'. Also, he's an incredible player and often gets marked by cocky sods at tourneys and proceeds to dominate them

dfein88 said...

Both anonymous comments are silly claims at being justified, I liked these rankings a lot...

Anonymous said...

A knee brace is not intimidating? If I"m guarding Robo-Cop, I"m gonna keep my head on a swivel.