Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Gallon of Frisbees

Question: How much does 1 gallon of Ultimate discs costs? DISCRAFT could probably give a more definitive answer; instead, here's a chart.

NOTES: The density of a 175-gram plastic disc was figured to be 0.95 g/cm3.
Using a fairly reliable Weight-to-Volume Converter, just over 20 discs (20.55) weighing 175-grams = 1 gallon. 
The raw thermoplastic material called polyethylene was not factored into the Frisbee price. Similar to other shown products, the consumer price was considered. 
The generally accepted $10-per-disc ($200) was kinda off the charts, so a 20-bulk pack of misprint discs ($120) from DISCRAFT was eventually used.

[Inspired by Bon App]

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