Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MLU's Moola

Major League Ultimate announced their player incentive program "MLU Award Money Breakdown". There are weekly prizes for individual players, and cash awards for being MVP of the Conference & Championship games. Playoff teams and the champ wins collective money, just like AUDL.

Here's the added bonus - an equivalent amount, or sometimes more, is "donated on behalf of the player to a charity or high school Ultimate program of the player's or team's choice". The real winner is the designated benefactors! By my calculations, there's $22,000 up for grabs.

The MLU's rationale is "Ultimate thrives on the support of a tight-knit group of people who will do anything for each other and the sport they love. We're confident that the players, staff, fans and the Ultimate community will favor this breakdown over the original plan." [original plan = give the winning team $25,000]

An individual player's take breaks down to:
A playoff appearance nets ~$46.87. [$1500 divided by 32 people (25 players + 7 staff)]

Winning the MLU Championship nets ~$156.25. [$5000 divided by 32 people (25 players + 7 staff)]

Total winnings per MLU professional player = $203.12

One amazing player could personally net $3200 if they sweep both the offensive & defensive weekly individual awards for all 10 weeks & in the playoff game [$100 each award x 2 for 11 weeks], PLUS wins MVP of both playoff games (conference & championships) [$500 per MVP x 2].
Breakdown of the MLU's $36,700 Award money

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