Friday, February 22, 2013

NetFlicks for Ultimate

With the popularity and stock of Ultimate game footage, it's great to be able to see video of Ultimate games. Skyd Magazine recently reported on a portal for Ultimate games called No Huck!  ("NetFlicks" seems like a better name!!)

Having more and more Ultimate games available is the result of the proliferation of camera owners. Many thanks not only to the people holding the camera, and being able to record the inevitable awesome Ultimate play(s). Moreover, a huge appreciation to the video editors! You can now efficiently watch an elite-level Ultimate game in about half the time it's played -- Ironside v. Sockeye (30 minutes; 2012), or Southpaw v. Truck Stop (40 minutes; 2012).

Some suggestions for any/all Ultimate frisbee video portal sites.

Group the games based on their genre (examples: suspense thriller, comedy, melodrama, war film, spaghetti western, etc.), so viewers can choose the type of competition they seek to watch.

Add a category for the video length, so viewers can choose a selection based on the amount of time they have available to watch. (20-30 minutes; 31-40 mins, etc.)

Add a rating system similar to film's 5-star rating or Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer. Ratings will help the viewer understand how good the game is based on criteria (examples: video footage, weather factors, game action, score-keeping, etc.).

Help dictate what the rating system should be called by completing the survey below or here.

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