Friday, February 08, 2013

Ultimate Player's Decalogue

Ultimate Player's Decalogue 

1. Open space is thy heritage, and the fields are sacred. See that thou leave them unlittered and undamaged.

2. Thou shalt use footwear that will not scar the grass, floor, turf, beach; lest thou slip and dash thyself against the ground.

3. Thy cleats and thy socks must fit, for blisters make playing a misery.

4. Thou shalt equip thyself against the worst weather the sky may produce, but shalt schlep spare garments until needed.

5. Thou shalt take with thee enough water & food to spare, for a hungry player is a tired player and thy play may last longer than didst plan.

6. Thou shall not omit thy field map and thy schedule.

7. Thou shalt not throw plastic discs atop concrete for damage is not reversible.

8. See that thou ford not a flow in flood, for that is a quick way to a sure break.

9. Thou shalt knoweth and understandeth the rules, and heed Spirit of the Game.

10. Thou shalt support companies who support thy game for which our affection hath an unknown bottom.

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