Wednesday, July 31, 2013

AUDL Snapshots (July 26-27)

Two pro ultimate games - both AUDL playoff games - were played this past weekend. See past data.
NOTES: AUDL games have 12-minute quarters.

[AUDL] The playoff game on Friday, July 26 in Wildwood, New Jersey was the first game of the 2013 season played at a neutral site.
[AUDL] Both teams that placed 2nd in their conference beat the 3rd place teams. (Radicals, 18 over AlleyCats, 15; Empire, 21 over Phoenix, 13).
[AUDL] With their playoff wins, Empire is 4-0 against Phoenix; Radicals are 4-0 vs AlleyCats.
[AUDL] 20.5 scores = average per game by Empire (16 regular season games); average per playoff game by Empire = 21 scores (1 game).
[AUDL] 13 = scores by Phoenix in their playoff loss; the lowest amount scored since their June 2nd loss versus Dragons.
[AUDL] In 17 games played, Radicals are 3-1 in games when they score less than 20 in a game.
[AUDL] 15 = scores by AlleyCats in their playoff loss, the lowest amount scored since their April 27th loss versus Wildfire.
[AUDL] With the loss by AlleyCats - the reigning Conference champs, a new (Mid)Western Conference champion will be crowned.
[AUDL] AlleyCats have played the most post-season games (3) of any AUDL team; their record = 1-2.
[AUDL] The remaining AUDL playoff teams - Madison Radicals, New York Empire, Toronto Rush, Windy City Wildfire - are all 1st year teams.

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