Friday, July 12, 2013

Preview: MLU Championship Game

On Saturday, July 13th, Major League Ultimate will host its first-ever championship game, featuring a matchup between Western Conference Champion San Francisco Dogfish and Eastern Conference Champion Boston Whitecaps. This game is being billed as "The Boston Whitecaps to take on the San Francisco Dogfish in Ultimate Frisbee's biggest game." For an incredibly in-depth game breakdown, read this.

Boston is 5 hours (309 miles) away from Philly by road. San Francisco is 6 hours (2,875 miles) away by air.

The 2013 Ironside roster features 12 Whitecaps players; the 2013 Revolver roster lists 14 Dogfish players. Just last week, these club teams squared off in two "extremely close games (level on aggregate)" in Raleigh, NC. Apart from USAU vs MLU variations, a noticeable difference is that the Dogfish will be playing without some star players.

Watch the game on MLU Live stream (free), or buy a ticket to attend in person.

Saturday, July 13's forecast has a little wind, plus a fair chance of rain during the day and in the evening.
The team who wins the MLU Championship will earn $5,000. By making the playoffs, each team has already won $1500.

If curious about the exact timing - down to the second - of when Saturday's Championship game at 6PM will begin, go to the MLU countdown clock.

:What If:
Somewhere in a parallel universe, these two teams are playing:
From MLU's Logo Contest: SanFran, Boston


Anonymous said...

Too bad the top Dogfish players didn't want to play... will make the game somewhat of a snoozer.

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 8:01 AM,
The Dogfish players are not playing due to a previous commitment to play for the USA National Ultimate team in the upcoming 2013 World Games.

Much respect for them to honor their commitment. Just bad timing for fans.

Anonymous said...

I understand, but they also made a "commitment" to their league. The MLU is not the showcase the sport deserves, the World Games apparently are.

Let's say the Olympics coincided with the NBA finals, game 7.... you think the Heat fans would be okay if Lebron decided to go to play in the Olympics instead? many wouldn't blame him, but it still shows the priorities and in this case MLU is not a priority to the players (and probably rightfully so). How many games did Boston play against a team with a winning record? Once, twice? They are finally playing a team with a pulse and the team isn't bringing their players, so you'll have a champion that beat a bunch of sub .500 teams and a weakened finals opponent. Are we supposed to be impressed?