Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[Chart] MLU's Plays of the Week 2013

As a follow-up to the Top Money Earners in the MLU, here are how teams fared in Major League Ultimate's weekly recognition.
NOTES: There were 2 Plays of the Week - 1 offensive, 1 defensive - recognized during the 10-week season and the conference playoffs week. The Offensive play was sponsored by Waveborn.
No New York Rumble player ever won a 'Play of the Week' bonus.
Weekly winners earned a $100 bonus.
Week 4 was the only time one team swept the 'Plays of the Week'; by Portland Stags.
MLU's Western Conference won 54.5% (12/22) 'Plays of the Week.'

:'Plays of the Week' winners by type (O = offensive, D = defensive)
Whitecaps (3 O - 1 D)
Rainmakers (3 O - 1 D)
Current (2 O - 2 D)
Stags (1 O - 3 D)
Nighthawks (1 O - 2 D) 
Spinners (0 O - 2 D)
Dogfish (1 O - 0 D)
Rumble (0 O - 0 D)

Friction Gloves sponsored a "Catch of the Week" for MLU's best catch, not necessarily by a player wearing gloves. Here's the "Catch" breakdown by team representation:

NOTES: Jeff Graham [Boston] was the only 2-time winner.
Neither Dogfish nor Nighthawks won a Friction Glove's "Catch."
Weekly winners won a pair of Friction Gloves.
MLU's Eastern Conference won 72.7% (8/11) Friction Gloves 'Catch of the Week'.

:Quantity of 'Catch of the Week' winners (by team): 
3; Whitecaps
2; Rainmakers, Current, Rumble
1; Stags, Spinners
0; Dogfish, Nighthawks

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