Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To: Be an Ultimate Team Fan

The increased exposure of the sport of ultimate is great for existing ulti fans, as well as new ones. Besides the (semi-) pro teams, most teams are still self-supporting.

Here's how you - as an Ultimate fan - can support your favorite ultimate team(s).

Stay Connected. Follow via all the social media outlets as a Facebook friend, twitter follower, YouTube subscriber, etc.

Sign-up for their newsletter. If offered, this communication may yield some great "insider" information, and best of all, it's sent directly to your inbox.

Join the team's "fan club." These are great (usually unofficial) groups to watch a game with since they're already engaged to the team. If your team doesn't have one, wait for one to form or start one yourself. [Examples: DC's Breeze NUTZ, San Francisco Pilot Fish].

Buy team merchandise. You could snag an official jersey, disc &/or other team logo swag. A portion of sales may go back to the team; plus you become a walking billboard for your team while showing team pride. Check your team's website for an online store/merchandise link. [Examples: Bay Area's Nightlock, Boston Ironside, Seattle Sockeye].

Donate. Every dollar helps. Consider donating online whether it be for general support, for a team's special event (e.g. international tournament) or part of a crowd-funding project. Check your team's website for more information. [Examples: SF Fury, Atlanta Ozone]

Support team sponsors. Take note of any team's sponsorship(s) and patronize their business. While there, tell them you learned of them through this ultimate connection.

Attend games. Cheer your team on at their games If there are ticket sales, buy a ticket to watch your team in action; a portion of sales typically/should go back to the team, or off-set any field costs.

Buy team merchandise at the game. Avoid any shipping fees and grab some team swag. Again, a portion of sales may go back to the team.

Buy concessions at the game. Forking over some extra bills for over-priced drinks or food is helpful. Depending on the setup, a portion of sales may go back to the team.

Be a fan during the game. Learn some tips via this Guide & other recommendations.

Be a fan after the game. Ultimate players are pretty social folks, so congratulate your team's players after the game. Consider asking for an autograph, even!

Spread the word. Post your experience(s) on social media by mentioning your team.

Volunteer. Ultimate teams have lots of moving parts, so you can assist by being their statistician, store manager, web guru, team tweeter, or some other non-game-day role. Being a volunteer aids them so they can focus on competing.

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