Thursday, July 04, 2013

[Chart] USA Ultimate vs MLU

For club-heavy MLU teams who are transitioning to club, remember that there are differences between the Ultimate game sanctioned by USA Ultimate and Major League Ultimate. Besides the disc used, here are some more:
[From "Think you know the rules?" in San Francisco Dogfish's 2013 game day program]

Items USA Ultimate MLU
Field Width 40 yards 53.33 yards
Field Length 70 yards + 25 (sic) yard 20 yard end zones 80 yards + 20 yard end zones
Stall Count 10 sec. counted aloud by defender 7 sec. counted silently by official
Game Length To a point or time-cap Four 10-min. quarters
Disc Movements No self-advance discs Players may tip disc to themsleves
Players Subs. On inury or between points Also allowed on a time-out
Fouls Disc returns to point of infraction abd stall count is adjusted Yardage penalties or loss of possession
Calls Made by players Made by officials

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