Thursday, October 23, 2014

MLU Expansion Plans

In Episode 18 of Major League Ultimate's podcast, Cleat & Cufflinks, League Commissioner Jeff Snader with Executive V.P. Nic Darling announced the league's expansion plan. They talk about AUDL's aggressive growth plan and how it compares to major league sports. MLU currently has 8 pro ultimate teams - 4 in the east, 4 in the west.

They provide a long winded answer rationale to the lingering question: "Who is going to be around in 5 years  you or the AUDL?"

Snader: "By 2018, we will have 10 teams, maybe 12. We will move that slowly. It will be in line and trajectory with what others have done to get to the path of having billionaire dollar owners. And that's the path we have chosen."

MLU VP Nic Darling: "The way we differ from the AUDL is from a business perspective. We're trying to do the thing that makes the most sense. To propel us forward. And we don't want to go forward and back. We don't want to go to 14 teams and back to 12 teams."

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