Friday, October 03, 2014

Performance by the Top-Seeded Teams at 2014 Regionals

How did the #1 seeded teams perform at 2014 Regionals?

Over 70% (17/24) of #1 seeds won their 2014 Regional Tournaments held during the past two weekends. Some of the 8 USA Ultimate regions earned more bids than others, so data focused only on the top-seeded teams at each of the Regionals. Over 90% (22/24) of #1 seeds qualified for Nationals - exactly like last year.

The only teams seeded #1 at Regionals that did not qualify for Nationals were Madison Club (men's, North Central) & Interrobang (mixed, Great Lakes).

Of the 8 top seeds in each division...
  • Men's top seeds: 62.5% won their Region; 87.5% qualified for Nationals.
  • Mixed top seeds: 50% won their Region; 87.5% qualified for Nationals.
  • Women's top seeds: 100% won their Region; 100% qualified for Nationals.
  • OVERALL: 70.8% (17/24) won their Region; 90.6% (22/24) qualified for Nationals.

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