Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top 5 Pro Ultimate Team Halloween Costumes

Let professional Ultimate Frisbee teams inspire your Halloween costume.

1. L.A. Aviators

This costume has character, plus provides an opportunity to don a mustache. Feel free to add a bomber jacket to punctuate your costume.

SUPPLIES: Goggles, pilot aviator hat, scarf, mustache.

TIP: Bring along a battery-operated portable fan to create a wind effect so your scarf flaps in the current.

2. Nashville NightWatch

This costume is for those looking to dress up wearing a mask, yet still be able to enjoy breathing (or a drink).

SUPPLIES: Wide-brimmed black hat, mullet, goatee, eye mask.

TIP #1: Avoid being mistaken for Dread Pirate Roberts (Princess Bride), don't wear a puffy pirate shirt, or carry a sword.
TIP #2: Avoid being mistaken for The Undertaker (WWE), don't body slam anyone.

[UPDATE: Nashville upgraded from this identity, but the ghost of the original Nashville Nightwatch is still an option.]

3. Seattle Rainmakers

This is a truly minimalist costume. To stay in character, you must wear the hood over your eyes.

SUPPLIES: A rain jacket with a hood.

TIP: Bring a water spray bottle and occasionally squeeze some mist into the air like you just don't care.

4. Indianapolis AlleyCats

A cat outfit is kind of cliche for Halloween, so it will take some dedication to nail this one.

SUPPLIES: Only the head, tail & one paw of a cat costume, green contact lenses.

TIP: You're a American Wirehair breed alley cat, not a domesticated black cat.

5. San Jose Spiders

There can only be so many Spider-Man costumes. Geek out to reboot this spider costume.

SUPPLIES: Four black socks/stockings, black pants and shirt, labels of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc).

TIP: You're to be an internet world wide web crawling bot, not a web-slinging superhero nor arachnid.

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