Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sub Zero Ultimate Uniforms

Minneapolis Sub Zero's jerseys made a bold fashion statement with their new green and black striped tops at the beginning of 2014's Triple Crown Tour. The tops are, somehow, both distracting and trendy. Boston Ironside appears to have a similar jersey design but with more muted tones -- gray and black.

Sub Zero's green-black stripes resemble a pattern on striped bass. Sub may have started a trend around FaISHion designing around aquatic life; see: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim outfielder Mike Trout who has namesake cleats.

Though, the tops really look like prison outfits.

Now at Club Nationals, Sub Zero does away with shorts and unveils sublimated compression capris. I REPEAT: NO BAGGY SHORTS! The tight uniform bottoms are similar to football pants, or 3/4 length yoga pants, or ballet bottoms.

Screengrabs via NGN
Sub Zero's black tights with white jerseys 
[Jersey photos via UltiPhotos]

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