Friday, April 24, 2015

Attendance for 2014 Madison Radicals

Another season of Radicals ultimate went by without having to invite baby goats to the ultimate field! (see very end)

Attendance to 2014 Madison Radicals home games increased to over 800 per game. The Radicals averaged nearly 830 attendees per game in 2014 - a 17.6% increase compared to Madison's average attendance in 2013.

  • In 2014, Madison's total attendance reached 6,627 during 8 AUDL games
  • Over 825 (828.38) = average attendance per Radicals game
  • $33,135 (estimated) ticket sales for Radicals, in 2014
May 9th game was changed from a 7pm start to 5:30p due to broken stadium lights.

July 19th game was a playoff game.


Months prior to Madison's first AUDL season, the team owner was asked about the economics of team ownership in 2012. Here is his amazing quote:

Via Isthmus:
"It just takes enough to pay for the stadium, the uniforms, the cost of travel and give the players a little something," Tim DeByl says when asked about the chances for success. "People in Madison love something to do. I brought my kids out to a farm to see some baby goats and 500 people were there paying $7. If I can't match that, then maybe I'll just invite some baby goats to the field."

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