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Recap: Toronto Rush at DC Breeze (April 11, 2015)

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The DC Breeze began their 3rd AUDL season on Saturday. Just like past seasons, their opener was against the Toronto Rush. Here are some best/worst moments from DC's 17-37 loss to Toronto Rush.

Worst History
Toronto Rush has a history of blowouts versus the Breeze
By 17 goals on April 20, 2013: Rush 30 - 13 Breeze (1st game of inaugural season)
By 20 goals on April 11, 2015: Rush 37 - 17 Breeze (1st game of 2015 season)
By 26 goals on July 19, 2014: Rush 37 - 11 Breeze (2014 playoffs)

Best Improvisation
Prior to game start, it was time for the national anthems. After the emcee asked everyone to stand for the anthems, it was quickly realized neither a U.S. flag nor a Canadian flag were visible (from the stands). So, attendees sort of turned to the south and looked off in the direction of the DC Breeze or bowed their head during The Star-Spangled Banner. For O Canada, everyone did the same thing except turned to the north - in the direction of the Rush team. It was very geographical.

Best Game Start
DC scored the first goal and actually led 1-0! DC was down 5 goals at the end of the first quarter.

Worst Turnover
Difficult to pick just one since DC had the case of the dropsies. It was baffling to see the disc thrown out of bounds on such a big field.

Worst Tweet
After Press scored, he did a jig on the sideline as Turn Down For What blared.

Best Tweet
Toronto was the better team on Saturday night; the much, much better team.
Best Drink
Yes, Atlas Brew Works was serving up cold ones. Not in the stands, but - hey - beer.

Worst Concessions Embarrassment
A pizza shortage occurred at halftime. No one was injured, though some went hungry.

Best Play
Late in 3rd quarter, Duke B.K. made an amazing score layout. Expect it to be on this week's highlights from the AUDL, and land as a candidate for season's best.

Worst Music Selection
The Toronto Rush were cruising in the second quarter. The DJ, then, played Tom Sawyer - a classic song by...RUSH. He eventually realized the connection and faded the vocals of Geddy Lee.

Best First
First ever night game played in DC for the Breeze! In 2013, all home games were scheduled during the day at Anacostia High School. In 2014, Breeze home games were sited in College Park, Maryland. The 2015 venue is nice. It's impossible to give a percentage of how much better the Galludet University's turf field is compared to U-Md's astroturf field hockey field, but let's put it at 1000% better for the players.

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