Thursday, April 16, 2015

Greatest By Charlotte Express on ESPN SCTop10

Sean Kelly's greatest hit #8 on SportsCenter's Top 10 last night. In the play, Charlotte Express' Kelly completes the greatest after Micah Hood layout-catches to keep possession. Hood establishes a pivot foot and finds Kelly in the end zone for a score versus Atlanta Hustle.

Transcription of ESPN Co-Anchors
Stan Verrett: This is "ultimate disc" I'm told. I guess they don't like Frisbee. Maybe Frisbee is a brand name? Sean Kelly makes an acrobatic save. Micah Hood lays out for the diving catch. And, and, they score.

Neil Everett: You ever an ultimate player?

Stan Verrett: No, I never, never played. I played football like that.

Neil Everett: Didn't think so.

Full version of last nights top 10 from ESPN.
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