Tuesday, April 07, 2015

DC Pro Ultimate Schedule 2015

The pro ultimate seasons begin this month. Ultimate fans in the Washington, DC, area have 12 local games to attend -- 7 for DC Breeze (American Ultimate Disc League) + 5 for DC Current (Major League Ultimate).

The only overlapping game happens on May 16th when they both happen to be playing their respective league's New York team. DC fans have an opportunity of a back-to-back AUDL-then-MLU games on the weekend of April 18-19.

NOTE: The Breeze's postponed 6/27 game was rescheduled for Friday, July 10 @ 8:30p.

Game locations:
The stadiums are about 3 miles away from each other.
DC Breeze at Gallaudet University (DC)
Venue. Buy tix.

DC Current at Catholic University of America (DC)
Venue. Buy tix.

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