Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Game Summary Charts in AUDL App

An AUDL app debuted a few days before their 2015 season started. The AppUDL™ provides teams schedules, game stats and...line graph showing game scoring!

Allow me to mention the similarity of AUDL app charts and to my idea of charting game scores.

The advantage of the visual is to see progression of game scoring, not just a final score. The data provide a numeric narrative - as long as the data are correct. See below for examples:


RECAP: Vancouver too the early lead, went down by 5, then tied the game late. San Francisco eventually won (not shown: in OT) 26-25.
RECAP: DC took to the early lead, and the Rush crushed the rest of the way to a 20-goal win.

Charts are only as good as the data collected.
PROBLEM: The time axis is out of whack, or this was a close game until the Rush took a 5-goal lead and then no one scored for a loooooooong time in the 4th quarter.
PROBLEM: Re-train the data collector, or, perhaps, this was was very exciting very early, boring for 40+ minutes, and then very exciting very late.

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