Sunday, May 24, 2015

ESPN to Broadcast Ultimate "Games"

Another year and still no recognition by ESPN of ultimate as a sport. ESPN3 has a history of incorrectly categorize the sport of ultimate -- first as "poker," then as "entertainment," now as "games."

Perhaps Frisbee trickshots are to blame for demonstrating a disc is more toy than a piece of sporting equipment?

Maybe Evan Lepler can talk to someone at one of the ESPN channels?

How many times does the sport of ultimate need to make ESPN's SportsCenter Top-10 list to be embraced as a sport?

Until the sport is recognized by ESPN3, the USA Ultimate College Championships can be found listed under the Sport and Shows drop-down menu as "GAMES."
screengrab via ESPN3

All of the college ultimate's semifinal games (4) will be livestreamed today and both of tomorrow's championships - at 1pm ET & 3:30pm ET.

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