Thursday, May 14, 2015

Raleigh Flyers Sign Jessi Jones

Raleigh Flyers, a new American Ultimate Disc League team in the 2015 season, announced the signing of a new player to their roster. An accomplished player as Team USA's 2013 U-23 national team and Team USA's 2015 Beach Worlds team, Jessi Jones joins the 27-man person roster on a one-game contract with plans to play on Sunday.

As of today, the tweet announcement of adding Jessi Jones has gained 50 retweets and 50 favorites. In comparison, Justin Allen - the team's first player signing announcement - had 13 retweets and 31 favorites.

Congratulations to Jessi Jones! Flyers have touted this roster addition as signing of the "First Female Professional Ultimate Disc Player."

Possible jersey for Jessi Jones (Flyers) 
(In actuality, Jessi Jones wears #5 with club ultimate team Phoenix, but will wear #50 for the Flyers.)

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