Monday, May 18, 2015

Jessi Jones, First Woman Player in AUDL

On Sunday, May 17, 2015, Jessi Jones became the first woman to play in a professional ultimate game. Wearing #50 for Raleigh Flyers, Jessi was introduced before they took on Nashville NightWatch.

Watch/listen to her introduction:

Her published game stats: 1 Catch, 2 completions on 14 points played/15 minutes of game time (all on defense). [via]

On the 4th point of Sunday's AUDL game, Jessi saw her first game action on the defensive line. The Flyers setup a zone for her D points where she played the wing position.

Her first touch of the disc was under a minute of the first half. Jessi had a chance to catch a score, but the throw to her on the give-and-go was off target at the endzone line. (For the record, the game data shows neither a throwaway for the thrower, nor a drop for the receiver on this play.)

Raleigh won the game 33-22 over Nashville.

Congrats, Jessi!
Published active roster for the 5/17/2015 game

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