Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nick MacLeod Inspires New Home Products

New home products inspired by UNC sophomore Nick MacLeod are available for presale after winning the Division-I Ultimate Championship. The limited-edition set is meant to be both stylish and affordable for ultimate players on an ultimate team budget.

From the Nick MacLeod Collection...

  • A rounded mirror with an eggshell Frisbee plastic border. Can be hung on the wall, or easily gripped as a hand mirror.
  • An innovative shaving razor with a black plastic disc for a handle giving it a warm and neutral feel.
Watch Nick MacLeod (#14) with the memorable post-score celebration during the championship game which inspired the new products:

Experts predict these new products from The Nick MacLeod Collection will be in the running for Best New Home Product Awards by Better Homes and Gardens.

UNC Darkside recently won the 2015 College Ultimate Championship held in Milwaukee. Darkside went 6-1 at the end-of-season college tournament and eventually won the men's championship game by 9 points.

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