Thursday, July 02, 2015

2015 U.S. Open Ultimate Championships

USA Ultimate's U.S. Open Championships begins today in West Chester, Ohio - just north of Cincinnati - and runs through July 5.
Teams from the U.S., Canada, Colombia, Australia, Germany, and Great Britain will compete during the 4-day tournament, There are 12 teams in each division - Men, Women and Mixed.

The Top-3 in each division:
Men: Denver Johnny Bravo, Boston Ironside, Toronto GOAT
Mixed: Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust, Seattle Mixtape
Women: Washington DC Scandal, San Francisco Fury, Boston Brute Squad

Online Streaming:
Seventeen games will be broadcasted - 10 games via Ultiworld and 7 games on ESPN3 with coverage of 7 men games, 7 women games and 3 mixed games.

Championship Games via ESPN3 on Sunday, July 5:
Mixed Division Championship Game @ 11:00am ET
Women's Division Championship Game @ 1:30pm ET
Men's Division Championship Game @ 4:00pm

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