Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Women Coaches in Pro Ultimate

Women in coaching has been a trending topic with Becky Hammon (NBA) and Jen Welter (NFL) in the news recently. Let's recognize women coaches in American Ultimate Disc League and in Major League Ultimate:

Women pro ultimate coaches listed in alpha order

Ren Caldwell
Strength & Conditioning Coach (Seattle Rainmakers)

Caroline Cardotte
Assistant Coach / O-line and Discipline (Montreal Royal)
Cadotte and Girard [via]
Guylaine Girard
Assistant Coach / Mental preparation (Montreal Royal)

Katy Harris
Assistant Coach (Charlotte Express)

Sarah Itoh
Assistant Coach (DC Breeze)

Kate Kingery
Assistant Coach (Seattle Rainmakers)
Kingery in the huddle. [via]
Miranda Knowles
Assistant Coach (Atlanta Hustle)

Fiona McKibbon
Assistant Coach (Seattle Rainmakers)

McKibbon (left) and Mercer (right) [via]
Charlie Mercer
Assistant Coach (Seattle Rainmakers)

Eileen Murray
Assistant Coach (New York Rumble)
Murray in the huddle. [via]
Liz Penny
Assistant Coach (San Francisco Dogfish)

Liz Penny [via]
Beth Vavrica
Assistant Coach (Jacksonville Cannons)
Beth Vavrica [via]

NOTES: Names and positions via each team's website. This may not be a complete list, so if you are aware of more names to be listed, please let me know.  Attempts were made to find photos of coaches on the sidelines. 

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Quotedian said...

Thanks for this article! As someone who sees the AUDL (outside of the Midwest division) through highlights alone (and the occasional ESPN3 stream) these women are invisible to me. It's great to know there are a few women involved in the semi-pro leagues.