Monday, July 13, 2015

MLU Regular Season Wins by Team

With Major League Ultimate completing its third regular season, a total of 120 regular season games have been played. Let's take a look at team wins during MLU's past 3 regular seasons:
MLU wins per season by team. [EXCLUDES postseason]

  • Portland Stags and Philadelphia Spinners are the only MLU teams to improve their win totals every season.
  • Boston Whitecaps is the only team to have 20+ total wins in 40 regular season games.
  • Every team has posted 6 or more wins in a season except for New York Rumble.
  • New York Rumble is the only MLU team to have a single-digit win total over 3 seasons.
  • Every possible record combination for a 10-game season has been posted, except for a winless (0-10) season.

Average # of wins (over 3 seasons, 10 games/team/season)
7.3 wins = Boston
6.0 wins = DC, Portland
5.7 wins = Seattle
4.3 wins = San Francisco, Philadelphia
4.0 wins = Vancouver
2.3 wins = New York

Seasons with 5 or more Wins (2013-2015)
3 = Boston
2 = DC, Portland, Seattle
1 = San Francisco, Philadelphia, Vancouver

[Data collection & chart by SLUDGE]

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