Monday, July 06, 2015

Triple Crown Tour 2015 Prize Money

In USA Ultimate's 2015 Triple Crown Tour, a total of $33,750 is available as prize money for competing teams. The most one club ultimate team could win is $7500.

Breakdown of Event Prize Money
[Each event total to be divided equally between the 3 divisions]
NOTE: Championship teams at U.S. Open also received 100 custom discs from Discraft.

Triple Crown Tour Prize Money Leaders
[updated 07/06/2015]

Club Ultimate TeamCityWinningsDivisionWins
EllipsisMelbourne$2000MixedUS Open #1
FurySan Francisco$2000MenUS Open #1
RevolverSan Francisco$2000WomenUS Open #1
GOATToronto$1000MenUS Open #2
MIXtapeSeattle$1000MixedUS Open #2
RiotSeattle$1000WomenUS Open #2

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