Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Comparing Final Standings: USAU Club Women Division

Comparing last year's final standings with 2015's finals standings shows 6 teams moved up (improved), 6 teams moved down (worsened), and 1 team did the same (no change), with 3 new teams.
Pro Flight
Six of the same teams from 2014 will continue to compete in the Pro Flight (Top-8 teams).
New to Pro Flight: Denver Molly Brown, Raleigh Phoenix
Out in 2015: Atlanta Ozone, Austin Showdown

Biggest Moves
Up 6: Denver Molly Brown
Down 4: Atlanta Ozone
Down 5: D.C. Scandal
Down 9: Austin Showdown

NOTES: Arrowed lines indicate upward movement in the final standings.
At Nationals. the tournament is structured for teams to tie for 3rd, 7th and 9th. 
Raleigh Phoenix & New York Bent did not compete at 2014 Nationals and are "new" in the Top-16.
Montreal Iris is a new team as of 2015 season.

[Data scraped via USAU]

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