Friday, October 16, 2015

Comparing Final Standings: USAU Men Division

Comparing last year's final standings with 2015's final standings shows 6 teams moved up (improved), 5 teams moved down (worsened), and 1 team did the same (no change), with 4 new* men's teams.

Pro Flight
Four of the same teams from 2014 will continue to compete in the Pro Flight (Top-8 teams).
New to Pro Flight: Seattle Sockeye, Chicago Machine, Austin Doublewide, KC Praire Fire
Out in 2015: Denver Johnny Bravo, Toronto GOAT, Portland Rhino, Atlanta Chain Lightning

Biggest Moves
Up 11: Chicago Machine
Up 8: KC Prairie Fire
Up 7: Seattle Sockeye, Minneapolis Sub Zero
Down 9: Toronto GOAT, Portland Rhino
Down 13: Denver Johnny Bravo

NOTES: Arrowed lines indicate upward movement in the final standings.
At Nationals. the tournament is structured for teams to tie for 3rd, 7th, 9th and 15th.
Madison Club, Philadelphia Patrol, Michigan High Five, and Florida United did not compete at 2014 Nationals and are "new" in the Top-16.

[Data scraped via USAU]   

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