Tuesday, October 27, 2015

RIP Salt Lake Lions

Salt Lake Lions were winless (0-14) in the 2014 AUDL season, then had their 2015 season canceled one month before the season was to start. At the time, the league said the team planned to return in 2016.

However, in early October 2015, the AUDL announced they "reached a mutual agreement with the Salt Lake owners through which the league will retain franchise rights, and will not be reintegrating the Lions team next season." So, the Lions were winless in 2014, gameless in 2015 and now lifeless for 2016.

R.I.P. Salt Lake Lions (2014, 2015, 2016)

For a team that did not participate in the 2015 American Ultimate Disc League season and was later dissolved before the 2016 season, Salt Lake still has an online presence.

1. Salt Lake Lions website
The website is still up and running, and even actively selling season tickets for a 2016 season.

[Salt Lake was a rare pro team to post attendance (and weather updates) after each game, which led to this season aggregate.]

2. AUDL Official Store
Shop online at http://shop.theaudl.com/collections/salt-lake-lions and you will still find 2 products affiliated with the Lions; a mug and Tshirt — typical parting gifts.

3. West Division Teams
Three out of the six West teams currently list the Lions as a division rival.
Screengrabs from websites of  (clockwise) San FranciscoSan Diego and San Jose.
4. Social Media
Salt Lake Lions Facebook with 1,962 likes recently posted on October 16, while their twitter account (@SaltLakeLions) with 921 followers has been quiet since mid-August. Neither of these sites have announced the team's demise.

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