Tuesday, October 06, 2015

DC Club Ultimate Teams in Pro Flight

Congratulations to D.C. club ultimate teams for a strong finish to the 2015 Triple Crown Tour Season. All D.C. teams competing at the final tournament of the season finished in the Pro Flight - the top tier of club ultimate of the TCT. USA Ultimate's 2015 Nationals tournament concluded on Sunday where the top-16 club ultimate teams from 3 divisions competed for the championships.

DC Truck Stop were (3-4) at the tournament, losing by 1 goal in the Quarterfinals to the eventual champion - Revolver. Just like last year, Truck finished in 7th place.

DC Ambiguous Grey posted a (4-3) record over the long weekend and broke seed by 8 places with a 6th place finish.

DC Scandal went (4-3) with wins over Phoenix, Schwa, BENT, and Ozone. They finished in 6th place.

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