Friday, September 02, 2016

2016 Triple Crown Tour: Results at Sectionals

Sectionals of the Triple Crown Tour postseason completed over the August 27-28 weekend. Sixty-two club ultimate teams across the 3 divisions claimed titles at Sectionals.


76% (16 ) of the #1 seeds won their Sectionals Men's tournament
From the Northwest Plains Sectionals, St Paul Imperial at #3 seed was the lowest-seeded Men's team to win their tournament.


Less than half (45%; 10 mixed teams) of the #1 seeds won their Sectionals tournament
Out of the  East New England Mixed Sectionals, Boston PleasureTown was the lowest-seeded Mixed - and the lowest-seeded Sectionals team participating across all divisions - to win their tournament.

Nearly 85% of 1-seeds in the Women's Division won their Sectionals tournament.
Three (3) 2-seeded teams won Sectionals: Encore (East Coast), Grit (Capital) and Maeve (Texas)

NOTES: Weather prevented the Central Plains Men's sectionals final, so they were excluded.
UPDATED 9/8/2016 to compensate for quirk in seeding at Women's SW Nor Cal Sectionals.
A previous version indicated Deadly Viper Assassination Squad was counted as a (3)-seed, but was actually the #1 seed.
screengrab via USAU

[Data via TCT; compiled by SLUDGE]

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