Saturday, September 03, 2016

Waterloo's WJUC 2018 Bid (the one endorsed by PM Trudeau) Chosen by WFDF

Waterloo, Ontario, has been selected by WFDF to host the 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships. Canada last hosted WJUC in 2008 in Vancouver. This year's WJUC was hosted in Wroclaw, Poland. WJUC 2018 [twenty-EH-teen!] is scheduled to be in August 19-25.

It probably didn't hurt Waterloo's bid to have the leader of their country - one-time ultimate coach JustinTrudeau - write a letter of endorsement. In Trudeau's letter from April 2016: "...I am certain every effort will be made to ensure that the delegates have an extremely successful and enjoyable tournament here....I hope and trust that you will reach a decision in favour of its candidacy."
Letter fron Canadian PM Justin Trudeau [via @iamultimate]
Waterloo is ~115km (1 hour 20 minutes) from Toronto.

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AP said...

Hoping JT can come join us for opening ceremonies too. Ceremonial first pull??