Saturday, September 17, 2016

PRI on Ultimate at the Olympics

PRI (Public Radio International) recently published a piece on the sport of ultimate. Boston Slow White players and coach were interviewed during the Northeast Regionals. The author claims Ultimate Frisbee would be the first mixed-gender team sport in the Olympics. Some sports allow pairs of male-female athletes in events like tennis, equestrian, badminton, skating and two-person sailing.

The piece "US Ultimate Frisbee players have their eyes on Olympics" (listed under "Lifestyle & Belief") starts a bit discouraging: "With all due respect, when I think of Frisbee, I don't think of the world’s finest athletes. I'm not alone in this regard."

Some standout quotes:
Alex Trahey: Ultimate "is in fact a very competitive and athletic sport, and we like to showcase that."

Hannah Baranes: "the more Frisbees that are out there getting tossed, the more likely you’re to get a person to be active and get them playing [ultimate] down the road."

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