Thursday, September 29, 2016

Q&A with DFW Public Enemy

We interrogated first-time Nationals-qualifying Dallas/Ft Worth Public Enemy who claim to be a collection of DFW’s rowdiest individuals, nicest kids, try-hard extraordinaires, peculiarly unassuming nonesuches and conch-loving hoodrats.
SLUDGE: How long has Public Enemy been playing together?
Public Enemy: 2 years.

SLUDGE: What were your team's goals for the 2016 club season?
PE: Haha, so this is weird, but most of us live on the same ranch complex together and a huge goal was to not have our entire team garden die.... We're doing okay. It's kind of a team building activity but none of us have a green thumb or agricultural background. The hardy crops are holding up, who knows what's happening with the root veggies... the tomatoes have been dead since Pokemon Go came out.

SLUDGE: What would you say were the keys to your success in the 2016 season?
PE: Last year there were a lot of talks about everyone moving into the same house together with the goal of having unbreakable chemistry. This year we were able to get most of the team on board with this idea. Having breakfast together, coming home from work to each other, and being able to practice anything on a whim has proven to be effective.

SLUDGE: What were factors in PE qualifying for 2016 National Championship?
PE: Besides great team culture things like the Enemigo ranch (above) and our annual trip to Sonoma wine country (seriously, more than half the team goes...) it's the fact that everyone on the team gets along. The expectation is set from the beginning of the year that our first goal is to learn how to love playing with each other. With that, communication must be open for better or for worse which helps work out a lot of early kinks. It's also written into our team "constitution" that there are no egos, no heroes, and that the stat sheet is bullshit. It helps that everyone is legitimately excited about hill sprints and bleacher workouts. It's disgusting.

SLUDGE: What is your team most looking forward to when you play at 2016 National Championships?
PE: It's easy to say that we're excited to play amongst the best in the nation, but we're mostly excited to represent our amazing ultimate community on the national stage. We have a lot of supporters and fans, which is weird and cool.

SLUDGE: Might you have any advice for teams looking to qualify for 2017 Natties?
PE:  Humble yourself. You're never as good as you think you are. Once you become complacent, you will lose your hunger.

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