Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strip Mall Attraction

mannequinekkedMy ankle(s), hamstring(s) & shoulder(s) are screaming they were used extensively during the 3 games of plastination ultimate frisbee on Saturday.

BILLINGS, MT - A special exhibit is in Billings right now, giving people a closer look at human anatomy. The display lets people take a look inside the body. The Bodies Human exhibit at Rimrock Mall shows 13 preserved bodies, organs, and other body parts.

This educational display shows bodies in different states of motion and shows the effects some life choices, such as smoking, have on the body. The bodies have been preserved by a process called plastination.

"Among the 13 bodies we have we range from what muscles are being used when kicking a soccer ball or throwing a frisbee," Exhibit Manager Tom Mulholland said.

The exhibit will be at Rimrock Mall next to Dillard's until July 25. Admission is $18 for adults.

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