Monday, May 24, 2010

Tournament: Lost

4 scheduled games on Saturday; 3 were lost.

In Game #1, Sludge paced slowly down 0-2. Evening @ 2’s, brown’s zone began to emerge, but remained more effective near/at the goal line than in the field at-large. Sludge turnovers resembled the inventory at Anna Luna’s Lemonade stand - plentiful.

Down 7-8, Sludge miraculously tied it @ 9-9 with a game to 10. Loss 9-10.

Stephen Colbert sez: If life gives you lemons, save the receipt!
-->> Sludge gave them a run for their money

By Game #2, Sludge’s offense warmed up versus Jhacmmer. 1-0, 3-3, 5-5. Yet, holes in the zone D allowed these Gen Y’ers an easy playground. After 3 weak points, "empty" could have been aptly applied to the lemonade bottles and to Sludge’s offense; good, bad, respectively. 5-8.

By the second half, brown was unable to hatch any readjustments. Thus, Sludge’s offense unfortunately mirrored the Lemonade stand’s options – nice stack (of cups), no cuts (in pricing). Loss 8-11.

Stephen Colbert sez: When life gives you lemons, make scramble eggs.
-->> In Game #2, Sludge’s offense was jumbled

Game #3’s energy started to feel vintage Sludge, taking a 5-2 lead with decisive points; plus an effective zone, preventing throwing lanes and disrupting flow. Things then got sticky, like when you spill lemonade on your hands. 6-3, 7-5, 7-8. Cleanup in Field #1!

Tied @ 9’s, CHMP shook off their bye hangover as Sludge’s 3-consecutive-games-legs could only muster near points. Loss 9-11.

Stephen Colbert sez: If life gives you lemons, make someone's paper cut really sting.
-->> Sludge’s incomplete upset hurt.

The next game was matched up with a savage ReRun who was also 0-3, which meant it was an inconsequential (to the next round) game. RR officially forfeited which meant Sludge did not lose game #4. Forfeited Non-Loss.

Notes: Great fun, as always, to spend the day with Sludge! Thanks to all who were present/rearranged their sched to appear - MattHew, CHris, Bucci, RacHel, Sarah, Andrew, MicHael, David, Jen, Mike, Christy, Brian & Steve.

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