Friday, May 21, 2010

Move More, Let's!

frispinkThe Prez Challenge list includes Frisbee; listening to advice published in an article is not.

3 things kids can do to stay healthy [WaPo . 05.20.10]

Childhood obesity is an important subject because heavy kids are more likely to grow up to be heavy adults. People who are heavy are more likely to get certain illnesses and may die younger. The report, by the Childhood Obesity Task Force, makes 70 recommendations for how governments and businesses, such as restaurants, can help kids eat better and live healthier, more active lives.

But I wish the report included suggestions for what kids can do to keep healthy and avoid getting too heavy. So I'll give kids (and their parents) 3 simple ideas.

Limit soda and energy drinks...

Limit TV, video games and other screen time...

Play sports. Mrs. Obama's program is called "Let's Move." I think the best way to get moving is to play sports. So join the swim team. Shoot some hoops. Throw a Frisbee around. Play catch. Take up golf or tennis.

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