Thursday, September 02, 2010

Earl-y Arrival

If Earl continues its present course, it will batter the Outer Banks of North Carolina Thursday night and Cape Cod Friday night with strong winds, powerful waves and potential flooding problems. While Earl's strength continues to fluctuate upon nearing the U.S. coastal waters, meteorologists are concerned sustained winds will reach near hurricane force on the Outer Banks.

Much as the Outer Banks will deal with Hurricane Earl Thursday night into early Friday, Cape Cod will be facing the same scenario Friday night into early Saturday. Waves of up to 20 feet may batter the region, leading to beach erosion and over wash of roads and structures.
Ariel View of The Moon (circa 2009)

Also...In North Carolina, the Vacation Rental Act states that vacation renters who are offered but don't accept hurricane insurance are on the hook financially if they can't get to their vacation unit or are forced to leave early. Those who do pay for insurance - - an estimated 6% to 6.5% of the total rental cost - are reimbursed if their location is placed under a mandatory evacuation order, says Scott Leggat, vice president of marketing for Outer Beaches Realty.

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