Wednesday, September 08, 2010

SLUDGEopardy I

Welcome to the first round of SLUDGEopardy trivia questions about Sludge's tournament history - tracked, archived & devised by Matthew - in honor of the 25th season. A special prize for the person with the most correct answers. Submit answers via Comments.


Q1. In its first season (Fall 1998), Sludge advanced all the way to the Finals but unfortunately suffered a heart-breaking defeat on the backfields of Anacostia at the hands of what team?

Q2. The following year (Spring 1999), Sludge went on to win the finals! What was the name of the team that Sludge beat? (Hint: The team avenged that loss the following season in the 1999 Fall League finals.)

Q3. As previously mentioned, Sludge lost in the 1999 Fall League finals, but not before winning a thrilling 16-14 come-from-behind victory against a team that had Curious George on their shirts. Name the team.

Q4. In Spring 2000, despite being the top seed in the pool, Sludge had a shocking exit from the tournament, as it failed to advance out of pool play. Name the two teams that beat Sludge that day.

Q5. In Fall 2000, Sludge advanced to the semi-finals, where it was eliminated by a team that would move into the A division the following fall. Name the team.

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