Friday, September 17, 2010


Welcome to the second round of SLUDGEopardy trivia questions about Sludge's tournament history - tracked, archived & devised by Matthew - in honor of the 25th season. A special prize for the person with the most correct answers. Submit answers via Comments.


First Round: Questions 1 - 5

Q6. The following season (Spring 2001), Sludge began its quarterfinal game at the JFK hockey fields but had to move to the polo fields to accommodate a soccer game. Prior to relocating, Sludge was losing 5-3, but it went on to defeat this team 15-6. Name the team.

Q7. On that same day (Spring 2001), Sludge had a comfortable lead in the semi-finals and seemed destined for another trip to the finals when their opponent put on a stifling zone and roared from behind for an impressive 13-10 victory. Name the team.

Q8. In Fall 2001, Sludge began the final day of the tournament with a 15-1 rout of I Dunno and a convincing 12-7 victory over UnClique before suffering a heart-breaking loss in the finals to which perennial nemesis?

Q9. In Spring 2002, Sludge stormed back to the finals, only to lose to a very short-lived team, named for after this 1972 Newberry Medal-winning children’s book.

Q10. The following season (Fall 2002), Sludge recorded quarter- and semi-final victories over Slow Gerkin and Duck Pond en route to its second championship, which it won in convincing fashion over what team?

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