Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 2: Gamey

ddGAgility. Yes.
Speed. Definitely
Mental Toughness. Most Definitely.

No doubt these are just a few of the top skills needed to be successful in this game. As Sludge proved on Saturday versus a 2nd-game-dreary Built2Swill.

Starting on defense, brown kept a consistent pressure courtesy of the cup - Matthew, Bucci, Steve, Russ, Brian, David; & expertly anchored by wings - Nigel, Jen, Andrew, Sarah, Christy. No matter who was tapped to play, the result was the same. Defensive Turnover!

1-0, 4-2, 7-4. 8-4 at half.

Sludge rose up offensively and ran circles around the other team. Open space was sought and found regularly. Notably, Mike chased down a 50-yard low sailing huck by Joe.

In command at 11-4, Sludge could not be caught. Win 15-10.

> Mi Rancho supplies tasty chips & salsa.
> CHarlie is highly proficient at sideline games.


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