Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 3: Gassed

fuElMatthew recaps...

In the first half, Sludge was like starting a car engine in the winter. The CHoMppoents relied heavily on their tallest and fastest players, scoring the first four goals of the game en route to a comfortable 8-2 halftime lead.

In the second half, Sludge warmed up & did what it could to deny the best players the disc. The brown zone, which had been completely ineffectual in the first half, began to stymie the potent Chompfense.

Sludge embarked on a (slow but) steady uphill battle and cameback to tie the game at 14. But the hot sun & the long points cooled down the blazing Sludge, who found that they simply did not have enough gas in the tank. Youth prevailed, ekeing out the final two goals to win 16-14.
Loss 14-16.

Note: MVP Award to Christy who was involved in at least half of Sludge's scores, including an ill-advised but well-executed hammer to her very proud husband.


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