Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 1: New & imprOveLD

complicated frisbeeAndrew recaps Saturday's day...
Something old: Sludge in its 25th clique league season (Joe has the 12.5 year old shirt to prove it).

Something new: pool party (thanks, Russ, Elizabeth, Charlotte Rose, & Amelia) before the game and pirate booty instead of crack chips

Something borrowed: folding chairs for the pool party.

Something blue: Uniforms of Disc Toast

To warm up for the first game of the season, Sludge Gen 2 quickly clogged the hot tub at the pool party which prevented Sludge Gen 1 from loosening up creaky legs. No matter as Sludge--fueled by hot dogs, salad, Joe's sourdough bread, pink lemonade and/or beer--started on defense and blended the traditional zone D with hammers thrown for scores, knee-sliding catches, and plenty of no-look and other tricky throws to build a 8-5 halftime lead at Anacostia. More of the same quickly resulted in a 14-6 advantage.

Then, disaster struck, bringing to mind the phrase that dare not be mentioned. Sludge squandered several opportunities to close out the game and surrendered 5 straight points. Fortunately, order was quickly restored and Charlie found Nigel in the end zone to close out the game at 15-11.


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