Wednesday, December 26, 2012

AUDL v2.0

Last week, the American Ultimate Disc League released huge news!
...Earlier this week, Mr. [Josh] Moore entered into an agreement to sell the majority interest in the AUDL to Ultimate Xperience Ventures, LLC (UXV, LLC) a company recently formed for the purpose of expanding the footprint of Ultimate at every level and developing new capabilities to optimize its core model...
Five teams, unfortunately, used the very same talking point "Today, the AUDL announced major changes charting a new and exciting direction! To learn more, visit...". See below how each of the 12 AUDL teams tweeted about the gigantic news about their professional league. Detroit Mechanix and Madison Radicals were first to tweet the news on December 22nd, while Philadelphia Phoenix were last on December 23rd. New York Empire chose to retweet Ultiworld in lieu of tweeting about the breaking news themselves. FWIW, no teams RT'd the AUDL tweet.

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