Monday, December 03, 2012

Ultimate Frisbee Poem (1980)

By Gary Stroick (Madison, WI)
Source: UPA [USAU] Newsletter November 1980

the disk is thrown
the body moves smoothly,
flawlessly as i pivot
back and forth
the muscles ripple
under the skin
I feel power
I feel ecstasy

the release
i am ready
i am prepared
the throw starts with
lightning speed
i am one with the disk
as it rolls of my fingertips
i run

the flight
it is a thing of beauty,
the disk
sailing straight, flat,
and true
it caresses the wind
knowing that they are one
it flies

the catch
eye on the disk
feet pounding
a beautiful sight,
the flight
muscles aching
sweat pouring
i dive
i extend
to reach
the disk
my hands
it's there
it's caught

the excitement
the wonder
the play

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