Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ultimate Holiday Spirit

Guessing the ultimate player in your life doesn't already have the Ultimate Bucket or a Frisbee or this awesome Ultimate hoody, there are other amazing gift options.

Choose from these fine sources:
Listed in alphabetical order

Sublimated Shorts Subscription [5 Ultimate]
$174. Get a new pair of shorts every month for 6 months BEFORE they debut in 5's online store! You'll have your shorts before anyone else starting in mid-January 2013. The last pair 5 sends you will be exclusive to subscribers – no one else will have them. Ever.

Sunset Pink Full Sub Tank top [Breakmark]
$40. I "tank" therefore I am. Fully sublimated Tank featuring white/pink/orange combo with two guys jumping for a disc.

Pullover by Patagonia [NexGen]
$35. The NexGen Capilene 3 Pullover is a tried & true favorite. You probably can't wear your jersey everyday but nothing beats the versatility and utility of the Cap 3.

Jersey of the Month [Savage]
$200. One year's subscription to the jersey of the month club. A limited-edition sold only to JOM subscribers will be sent out the first week of each month.

Dump + Swing Jersey [Spin]
$21.95. A jersey with icons to describe a "basic offensive strategy".

White Electro Arm Sleeve [Ultimate Peace]
$12. Perfect for protecting your oh-so-precious elbows from turf burn to sun burn. Or, maybe you just need to add a little flare to that jersey.

Coaches Clipboard Pack [UltiCards]
$59. A must-have on the sideline for any team and coach. Grab a whiteboard marker & detail plays and strategy during timeouts and practices.

Pint Glass [USAU]
$8.95. This glass holds 16oz. (less than a frisbee) and features a detailed USA Ultimate logo on its side so you can make a spirited toast every time you drink.

Wireframe Executive [VC]
$35 CAD. Show the world you mean business! This Executive collared shirt is made with VC's popular Flexlight material, & is embroidered with the VC Wireframe logo.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT receive compensation from mentioned websites.

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