Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ultimate Game Tracking

If you enjoy game statistics, then you should be aware of: Ultiworld's NexGen analysis, UltiappsLeaguevine. One of the basic stats of any Ultimate game is keeping score. Using this data, you can chart point progression for your team (& benefit fans). Game Point charting provides a more detailed snapshot of the game - beyond the written game recaps.

Using EXCEL and collected data of each point, here's what I developed. Game Point summaries in chart form using 3 games from Sludge's fall season:

Full game summary: vs. Unclique [11/18/12]
Game recap: 20 points were played. Sludge took an early lead & kept the lead, and then closed-out strong; win 13-7.

Full game summary: vs. Dance Cafe. [11/10/12]
Game recap: Sludge was down early but kept it close, eventually scoring the final point; win 12-11.

Full game summary:  vs. This is Why I'm Hot. [11/10/12]
Game recap: A long 26-point game with Sludge losing an early lead in the first half, but completing a comeback; win 14-12.

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