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DC Breeze Intro Meeting Recap

The DC Breeze Introductory meeting was held at 201 Bar's Executive Lounge on Saturday, December 15 from 4-6pm. About 25 attendees with representation from Washington Area Flying-Disc Club, local college Ultimate players, a handful of elite players, and others.
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Josh Moore (AUDL President) kicked off the meeting via Skype. Then, team owner Aaron Foreman spoke for 30 minutes, and was followed by Thomas 'TJ' Johnson (VP of Business and Community Development), Sam Shoyer (local high school Ultimate student/player), Tom Coffin (GM/Coach), and Dwayne Marcus (Founder of Flag It Sports Officials). View facebook pix.

Below is a synopsis of the well-conducted meeting. Overall, the presenters stressed a commitment to winning and indicated their desire to work with individuals toward organizational efforts.
Mr. Foreman spoke on the following...

Goal(s) for 2013 season:
"To win!"  
"...last year, Philadelphia and Connecticut were two of the more successful teams in the AUDL...We want to be a consistent winner"
"When they think of the Washington Redskins, they also think about the DC Breeze, the same way they think of [other DC sports teams]."
"We want to establish ourselves as a go-to, competitive championship team on a regular basis."
"We're not a multi-million dollar organization, by far. But will we be one? I believe we can. I believe everyone can benefit."

On Sponsorships/Deals:
"Final stages of securing a sponsorship with a [major footwear company]. They reached out to us (DC Breeze). We (the DC Breeze) will be the first AUDL team with a major sponsor."

For indoor practices and tryouts = API athletic fields (Crofton, MD)
For home/away uniforms = Football America (Laurel, MD)

"We (the AUDL) have [major rental car company] as a sponsor. They'll be handling our away transportation. They're a league sponsor."
"We (the AUDL) are in negotiations with [hotel chain] to be our national sponsor for room[s]."
"Another [AUDL] sponsor is Entertainment Book."

On AUDL operations:
"One thing that has been great. The league has developed into a family. Many of the resources of the team's involved in the inaugural season last year…we've become a family. Resources that they have belong to us and the resources that we have, belong to them because all of the owners realize this much - we have to get there together. We can't be, like, DC's doing great, and you know, Toronto suffering. If DC's not doing great and Toronto's not doing great, then that’s not good for the league; that’s not good for you guys as players, as well. As the sport evolves, we want to make sure that everybody benefits from it – just like in the NFL when they have meetings about profit sharing. And why this market is bigger than this market. I, personally, think this (DC market) is one of the best markets – and this is my opinion."

Player Compensation
"I'll tell you what that we are going to be investing back into our players. Pretty much this year, we're looking in some type of way to offer compensation; for compensation in some creative ways."

"Whether it be through ticket sales…You'll definitely have your uniforms taken care of, your transportation, your hotel, and your meals taken care of. In many ways, I'm trying to  - through [the major shoe sponsor] - secure a cleat deal."

The team seeks sites with a regulation-sized football field, preferably turf, with locker rooms & showers for both teams.
"Trying to keep [the organization's] base in DC" with these possible games sites:
  • Anacostia Senior High School (SE)
  • Galludet University (NE)
  • Eastern High School (Capitol Hill)
  • Georgetown University (G'town) - not available due to planned construction
On player eligibility:
It was discussed that DC Breeze players would be allowed to play in the local leagues, at college and in USAU events.

"I don't want you (DC Breeze player) playing for the MLU. I think that’s only fair to me. It doesn’t work that way…If you sign with us, I want you to stay with with us."

On Major League Ultimate's DC team:
"Do I welcome the competition? Yeah. Who knows, maybe we develop a rivalry with the team from the MLU. We'll have a rubber match - something people come to see."  [ Maybe??? ]

On challenges:
"There will be some bumps in the road. But will we will flatten the bumps out? Yes we will. We'll get it right."

"We want the best players. We do; we want them. We want the top players but I'm a firm believer that - having played professional football and having coached the high school level - I take who I have."

Other tid bits:
  • "Our business model is to develop relationship with the community."
  • Camps, clinics, sponsorships, having games before Breeze games, warm-up with players were some initial offerings to local high school players/teams/coaches.
  • DC food trucks to be invited as concessions at home games.
  • The website ( will be up by the end of the December.
Tom Coffin spoke briefly about his Ultimate experience (36 years) & also had the following to say:

"What brought me to the AUDL…this is a really unique opportunity…it's a real revolution – a game changer. We've been playing ultimate for decades. This is the first time professional ultimate has really come about. We're talking about 'Seize the Moment' kind of time. There is only a 'once', once; and this is the once."

"This game is a lot different.  This game is faster, harder and much more physical; and the offense right now is more dominant."

On the field width: "You can almost throws hucks sideways"

TJ spoke about mascot ideas, discount to season ticket holders, merchandising, hope to involve local celebrities/politicians for ceremonial 'first pull'. And, "We're not going to have a cheer leading or dance team."

Dwayne Marcus was introduced and communicated the plan to provide official training and to certify AUDL officials. In other words, the AUDL - as a professional sports league - seeks to employ professionally trained refs in the 2013 season.

Other meeting notes:
Official charity of DC Breeze = Capital Area Food Bank
Affiliate partner of DC Breeze = WAFC

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